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SALE EXTENDED - until 15 August 2019 we are offering 25% off ALL coins and antiquities on our website. Enter the code 25OFF when you checkout to receive the discount. You can enter the code under the Order Review section. If that doesnt work just email me and Ill refund the 25% of the coin/antiquity cost. The minimum purchase price is $50.There is no discount on postage. Its been a good two to three years since out last sale so make the most of it!

We wish you a prosperous 2019

We would like to thank our many customers for their purchase of uncleaned coins over the last 16 years. We appreciate the relationships we have built with many of you. We have decided for family reasons to stop selling uncleaned coins. What this means is over the next few weeks I will count up all that I have remaining and sell them in large lots.

My preference is to send them all to one buyer. If there is not enough interest I may sell types of a coin ie mid grade to one buyer etc.

This represents a great opportunity for you to start your own business or simply spend the next few years cleaning all your coins.

We have many coins we simply havent had the time to list including 'dealer cleaners'. These are coins I paid considerably more to with the intent to clean and sell myself but have not gotten around to it in the last 8+ years.

If you are interested in some or all please email me stating what you are interested in. This doesnt commit you to the coins but is a registration of interest.

Coin prices will be sold below my cost.

Smaller group lots I already have listed will be reduced to help them sell. Again my preference is to sell all of them to one buyer.

Until they are sold its business as usual.

I will continue to sell my cleaned ancient coins.

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