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  • Domitia

    Minted: Lydia, Nakrasa

    Size: 16.5mm Weight: 1.85 grams

    Obverse: Draped bust of Domitia right

    Reverse: Serpent coiled on omphalos.


    DOMITIA LONGINA was the daughter of perhaps the most famous general of Claudius' and Nero's reigns, Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo.  Being ambitious, she soon caught the eye of Domitian while he was a Caesar under his father Vespasian, and he forced her husband L. Aelius Lamia to divorce her.  Domitian and Domitia were married in 70, and had a son in 73 who died in infancy.  Domitia was very unfaithful, and she was divorced in 83 for an affair with an actor.  She remarried Domitian in 84, but was instrumental in his murder in 96.  She retired to private life and died between the years 123 and 150.

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