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  • Salonina AE Antoninianus
    Size:  21mm  Weight:  3.59 grams
    Obverse: CORN SALONINA AVG, Diademed and draped bust right on crescent
    Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG, Emperor and Salonina clasping hands, star above
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  • Salonina
    Size:  20mm  Weight:  3.26 grams
    Obverse:  CORN SALONINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right, crescent behind
    Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG, emperor and empress standing confronted, clasping hands, pellet in wreath above

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  • Augusta Salonina - Lyons mint, 258 AD
    Size:  22mm  Weight:  3.2 grams
    Obverse:   SALONINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right,resting on crescent
    Reverse:   DEAE SEGETIAE, Goddess in four columned temple

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  • Augusta Salonina Ar Antoninianus
    Size:  20mm  Weight:  3.4 grams
    Obverse:  SALONINA AVG, diademed bust right, draped & on a crescent
    Reverse:  PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia standing left holding transverse scepter & drawing veil from her face

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